Monday, May 13, 2013

What He wants from me*

Approaching Thee with open arms I say:
"Command me, Lord; what hard thing wouldst of me?
What sacrifice, what dreadful price to pay?
What quest, what secret hero must I be?"

Embracing me with open arms You say:
"To live your life, with courage, and with joy
In fellowship with Me to walk each day
Pursue your dreams, your talents to employ

"Be your best self, that is, the girl I made
But think not of the price, for it is paid."

Approaching Thee again I fearful plea:
"But, Lord, I am confused, how could this be?
It sounds so selfish, like I'd live for me
There must be some mistake, life can't be free..."

Embracing me again You smiling say:
"The price, I said, you do not need to pay
And as for selfishness, it is not so
Not if it is because I ask you go.

"Let love for Me be motive for your quest
And pleasing Me be why you try your best."

*an attempt at a poetic paraphrase of a conversation that has happened, well, rather more than once.

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