Monday, June 3, 2013

Underneath the stillness

Underneath the stillness, behind the words
Bursting to go and afraid to leave
The core of me trembles but dares to believe
In shadows undarkened and pictures unblurred.

Chasing an echo, a rainbow, a dream
An ideal unbroken, an art unrestrained
A heart that is pure and a feeling unfeigned
A song with an unspoken heavenly theme

My God, let my insides be pleasing to You
Heal my hurts, take my sins, teach me how to forgive
I long to be able in fullness to live
Please show me the way I can serve all that's true

In Beauty, in Goodness, in Love I see... You!
Let each thing I chase be a small piece of Thee
That in the end I strive for You not for Me
May Your nature shine through in all that I do!

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