Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy I Love Yarn Day!

In honor of I Love Yarn Day, which is a nifty idea, and also in honor of my fiftieth blog post (OK, that part is a coincidence, but still), this blog is taking a break from deep thinking to say: oooh look at all the pretty colors! and it feels so nice! About, well, yarn. This picture (sorry if the quality is not very good, I'm not much of a photographer) is of a blanket that I am making in KnitPicks Swish DK in (listing them becuse color names are awesome): sugarplum, big sky, lotus, bark, gulfstream, amethyst, hollyberry, jade, and dusk: 

The edging isn't finished yet, and I have some ends left to weave in, but it's mostly finished.

So yes . . . I love yarn. I love the feel of nice soft yarn on my fingers, I love looking at and choosing and working with colors, I love picking pretty patterns and watching them get turned into reality with my fingers and a crochet hook and time . . . time during which I might be drinking tea and other comfortingly hot things, or listening to music, or watching something, or even just sitting and crocheting to relax.

That is all I have to say just now. Have a lovely Friday night, whether your idea of that includes yarn or not!


  1. We need to plan a yarn-and-opera-and-tea-athon.

  2. Looks great! Glad to see it finally coming together! Throw some hot chocolate into the party and I'll come. :)