Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Promise of Resurrection

At a camp I was at this summer, there was a lake. One night there was worship music by the lake after dark. In the dark, the lake frightened me, it looked like such a big empty expanse of black. And, for various reasons right then, I felt like I was about to get pushed into that frightening empty darkness. So I prayed, and God spoke to me. He did not say that I wouldn't go into that place, that it wouldn't hurt or be scary or surround me and take me back to a state of mind I was in once and never wanted to return to. But He did say that, if that happened, if I fell into that lake and drowned in it (figuratively), then He would pull me back out of that lake and He would bring me back to life.

And I cling to that promise. I can try not to fall in, I can try not to go to that place in myself again, and I am trying. But the thing that comforts me most is not my efforts not to go there, but God's promise that He will rescue and resurrect me regardless. That He who has brought me out of the darkness before has the power to do so again.

Now, go read Ezekiel 37:1-14.

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